magnificent boys

Hades is extra-magnificent, at least until he forgets to put his tongue away. Loiosh, looking introspective. Deep thoughts about gooshyfud. Tandem contemplation. Tom is Lorge & Asleep Hades found a box of packing paper & has been making it into smaller packing paper & also, a nest. Yes, people _will_ be receiving orders packed in …

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I kept not getting round to taking pictures while I was framing out the walls, partly because I was busy framing out the walls & partly because, well, framing is framing, it isn’t HARD, there are a zillion places online where you can read about how to do it … But then I thought, y’all …

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it’s got THREE WALLS

okay i’ve been doing a pretty terrible job of taking pictures but i took some video?? IT LOOKS LIKE A HOUSE [ the video is takes while walking around the tinker’s wagon. three of the four walls are framed out. also it is very windy. ]

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