small beauties

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It was just that sort of day. We get a lot of those here.

I found this feather pretty much right away. From a mountain bluebird, I’m pretty sure. The colour is AMAZING.

A feather sits on a wood table. It's small, maybe three inches long, & a deep indigo.

I sat & worked on Triads for a while, then took a break for a little walk. & found a BIG hagstone.

My hand holding a rock up to the sky. It's perhaps the size of my fist, mottled in shades of brown & reddish tan, & the sky is visible through a pinky-sized hole.

I took another walk after I was done everything else I wanted to do, & found a BUNCH of stuff, including this can graveyard:

A small clearing filled with old, rusted tin cans.  Really old -- they're not a size you see any more.

& an abandoned … something. Stove?

An old rusted-out box, made of fairly thin steel plate, maybe a foot and a half by two feet by three feet high.

Cool stump:

A deeply weathered piece of wood, grain lines swirling around a knot in the center.


A clump of greeny-brown moss clings to the side of an old weathered tree stump. Another clump, brighter green, sits behind it.

Cool stump with moss:

Another weathered knothole, this time with a hole worn through the center. In the hole is another clump of moss.

Also there was a little bit of wind.

The set of wooden shelves that I usually put next to my chair on Woods Day is laying on its back, sewing stuff scattered behind it. Oops?

I’m glad THAT didn’t happen while I was in the middle of anything!

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