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This thing where they’re telling me their names as soon as I pick up the right pieces, I’m kinda liking it.

I didn’t take a lot of progress posts with this one — I felt like I barely knew what I was doing from one moment to the next, although at the same time it wasn’t a struggle? I DON’T KNOW, WHAT ARE BRAINS

Anyway here it is, all framed out & ready to go:

The ends of each length of cable have been attached, with copper wire, to the three bumps in the round bit. The piece that joins them sits at the center, so they make sort of a bumpy triskele. A piece of green seaglass sits inside each section.

The more-or-less round bit is from an old busted tomato cage, & the three cables came from a thing that I think was a plant hanger. They were attached to the metal circle I used for Spirals two weeks ago.

The seaglass pieces obviously weren’t going to be enough on their own, & I wanted to work with more small spirals after last week, so this is how I started out:

One of the pieces of seaglass is wrapped in copper wire. More wire connects it to one of the cables, to the metal circle, & to a small spiral of copper, hammered flat.

Three cables dividing the circle into three sections. Three seaglass pieces, three spirals, three smaller spirals. Each section with three things in it.

A closer view of the small spiral. It's maybe an inch and a half across, hammered flat & then textured by me hitting it with the round end of the hammer. It's got small loops at either end, & it's connected to the circle & to one of the cables by much thinner copper wire.

… I guess I kinda did know what I was doing. Or at least my fingers did. Nice if they’d keep my brain informed, but, well.

Two of the three sections of the piece are done. Each holds one piece of green seaglass & two copper spirals, hammered flat. They're connected to each other, & to the frame, with thinner copper wire.

It came together sort of terrifyingly smoothly.

It's done! The third section now matches the other two. For a pretty liberal definition of 'matches'.

I posted this not-terribly-great picture to Instagram, whereupon someone immediately bought it.

Another picture of the completed piece. It's leaning against a wooden board, & in the background is the woods, & part of the van. It is NOT what I'd call good product photography.

… look, I don’t know what’s going on here, but I think I’m pretty okay with it?

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