faq • what you need to know

got anything you think i should answer here • i wanna know

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do you use $ingredient?

some things (mostly soap scents) are seasonal and will be back at some point • some things I just don’t have any more • they didn’t sell well • or i got tired of them

you can still get a lot of them • (not all but most) • check out my diy category • it’ll just take you a little longer

hey could i get earrings with earwires made from X? cos i get weird skin stuff otherwise

sure, just lemme know what you need • might take a lil longer for me to get them in the mail • depends on how long it takes me to find X

will that cost me more?

only if X is spendy stuff

lots of soap

do you do wholesale?

…i will soon? • it’s just that there’s been Stuff

i’m allergic to $allergen but i really want your $thing with allergen • can i get it without?

best way to find out is send me a note • let me know what you’re allergic to & which thing you want • i’ll let you know if it’s possible • (it probably will be)

will you marry me?

i tried being married once • it pretty much sucked • so nope • thanks, tho


i’ve got some Deeply Personal trash i want you to make into something pretty, can you do that?

maybe • it depends on the trash • send me some pictures & give me an idea what you want it to look like • & i’ll see how i feel about it • if some of the trash is old or spendy or really delicate i might say no • i’d feel Really Bad if one of the cats knocked it off a table or something

i ordered stuff from you last year • & gave it to a friend • they want more but • we sort of can’t remember exactly what it was • halp?

sure • i just need your name & stuff • it’s my job to keep the records not yours anyways

gifts cat

are your products hypoallergenic?

depends on what you’re allergic to

seriously all ‘hypoallergenic’ means is ‘slightly less likely to produce an allergic reaction’ • & there’s no official definition of what that means • & almost every ingredient i use i have someone who’s allergic to it • ‘swhy i’m so careful with labeling ingredients

so yeah best to just check for yourself

so if your stuff is crap free then what counts as crap?

amusingly enough this doesn’t have crap in it

anyways long story short crap is stuff that’s bad for you • & that you wouldn’t want to rub on your skin

• petroleum products make cars go but you wash your hands after changing the oil, right

• guess what! mineral oil is a petroleum product

• alcohol is nice for drinking or cooking with but really dries your skin

• lotta fragrance oils have idek what in them • & make me sneeze

• nuts aren’t actually crap but i know too many people who’re way allergic

• other than that basically if i don’t know what it is or can’t figure it out real quick i don’t use it

• cos it’s probably crap

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