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20210524 154245

Tyrava & cats: anxiety & shelves edition

Having finished the bed platform itself, the next bit is the bed enclosure — just a bit of wall to demarcate the bed from the rest of Tyrava. [ About two feet along the left side of the bed platform has been framed with 2×2 boards, running from the floor almost to the ceiling. ]

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ALMOST a wall

[ A section of Tyrava’s inside walls. It’s about eight feet of wall, framed out with room for a couple windows. ] That’s where I started Tuesday morning. I had a BUNCH of boards, including a lot of short pieces left over from the other walls, so all I hadda do was cut & sand …

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window games

[ A 2 foot high, 4 foot wide hole in Tyrava’s side. It’s crooked. There’s an old-fashioned window fastened to the inside, which is also crooked. ] It’s warm enough to actually work outside again, at least for a couple days, so here we are. This window needs … it needs help, y’all.

20210207 155707

it’s a wall!

[ That wall section that’s right next to Tyrava’s front door is done now, all the way to the top. At the base of the wall is a scattering of tools and stuff, including a rubber mallet, a drill and driver set, and a lot of screws. ] Last bits! [ A slightly fisheyed view …

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