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cats: pose & roll edition

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is flopped on his back, rolling in the dirt. Both forepaws are tucked in front of him, and all the beans on his hindpaws are showing. His head is tucked to the side, and his belly is vast and pale. ]

There is very little that Tom loves as much as a good roll in the dirt. He’ll dig an entire channel in the ground to roll in, too, because, apparently, of Cat Reasons. Continue reading cats: pose & roll edition

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woods day: little boys & big rocks edition


It’s been TOO TOO LONG since I had the time to shove both boys in the car & have a PROPER Woods Day, but last weekend I managed it. & I found an excellent spot for the day, complete with a bunch of big rocks to climb.


[ A rough circle of pale granite boulders surrounds a firepit. The area inside is probably twenty feet across, and the tallest rock looks to be maybe ten feet high. ] Continue reading woods day: little boys & big rocks edition

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cats: all alone & lonely edition

The boys’ Uncle Jasper has disappeared off into the wilds of OVFF for a week, & y’all, the boys are NOT dealing well with this.

They came along to see him off, of course. Loiosh spent the last several minutes of the drive to the train station draped over Jasper’s lap, kneading — he almost NEVER kneads — while Tom stood in the passenger seat footwell, mewing piteously & demanding pets.

Once he was gone, they wasted no time in taking over his spot.


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, and Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, are both meatloafed up on the passeger seat of a car. Everyone’s ears are drooping sadly. ] Continue reading cats: all alone & lonely edition