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SPOON: random catchup things


[A sturdy set of shelves, solidly made from old, weathered wood. They’re an extension to the tool shelves I made last month. They’re about three feet wide, a foot and a half deep, and seven feet tall, and already about half full of Stuff.]

Lotta projects getting done, not so many pictures taken. Gonna work on that, but in the meantime, here we are. With more shelves. Continue reading SPOON: random catchup things

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SPOON: Borgia: the actual, you know, DOOR part


[There’s a hole cut in the side of Borgia, a mustard yellow cargo container. It’s roughly the size and shape of a doorway, and, in fact, there’s a door frame in it, made from weathered old wood. Leaning against the wall next to the doorway is a slab of metal, coincidentally the precise same size.]

Cutting the hole for the door in Borgia was SO MUCH easier than I was worried it would be. I totally needed earplugs — the sound was HORRIBLE, even with just the jigsaw — and I kept having to take breaks lest my hands vibrate clean off, but over the course of a couple days I got it done. Continue reading SPOON: Borgia: the actual, you know, DOOR part

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cats: Tom about town


[Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is hunkered up in Tyrava’s doorway, looking outside. Past him, on the ground, is the framed-out floor I’ve been mostly not working on.]

Okay, he hasn’t actually been around town at all, because mostly all we do in town is shopping trips, & he’s not really into those. Although I might take him into Big R one of these days anyway; last time he went to one he led us right to the wheel & caster section, which was on deep clearance.

So, much like Loiosh, he’s been running around outside a bunch & then sleeping really hard. Continue reading cats: Tom about town

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cats: I SWEAR he does things other than sleep


[Loiosh is curled up on my bed, head tucked into the lap of a toy orange cat.]

He won’t admit it, but he really does like his little Jorts toy.

He’s been spending a lot of his days outside — fear not, the nearest road is half a mile away, the nearest people not much closer, & with nothing but low brush around us, it’s easy to keep an eye on him. I still can’t wait til we have the catio built, though.

But what with all the dashing around on the land, he’s been wearing himself out a lot. So when he sleeps, he SLEEPS. Continue reading cats: I SWEAR he does things other than sleep

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SPOON: finally a container!


[Seen across a mostly-barren field, a big grey pickup truck is towing a really big trailer with a forty foot long, mustard yellow container on it.]

… okay, it actually showed up weeks ago, but I’ve been SO BUSY just trying to 1) build a house, 2) shove stuff into the container in a way that makes sense, & 3) SURVIVE that, err, I haven’t managed to post here. Like. Ever.

BUT CONTAINER. Continue reading SPOON: finally a container!

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cats: exciting new home edition


[Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, sits in Tyrava’s doorway, looking outwards.]

For most folks, one of the biggest problems they’d have dealing with a move like this would be their cats. How do you keep four cats, used to the run of an entire house, entertained when there’s no house?

It’s SUCH a good thing both boys are leashtrained & Sigdis is getting there.

It’s also a good thing, though, that cats SLEEP so much. Continue reading cats: exciting new home edition

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SPOON: starting to build!


[Two folding tables are set up, end to end, along Tyrava’s long side; they hold a single board and a scattering of tools. There’s also a couple of rusty folding chairs, a dog crate with a cat crate inside, a covered litterbox with a cardboard box and a gallon of water on top, and an ez-up, still in its bag.]

Finally, FINALLY, things have lined up so that I can start to build.

I got the folding tables set up, with sort of a workshop, not great, but it’s working so far. It gets shade in the late afternoon, & Tyrava shields it from the wind most of the time … when the wind is behaving, which is intermittent at best.

Plus I got lumber. A lotta lumber. Have you LOOKED at the prices for lumber these days? Ye GODS.

(I will gently remind you of the gofundme; the description is RIDICULOUSLY out of date, but money still goes to the overall cause of ‘we build thing to live in’.)

Continue reading SPOON: starting to build!