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travellin: Salida


[ A view of the Arkansas river, here a shallow stream perhaps thirty feet wide. It’s bordered by large rocks on either side, then by trees in a variety of shades from summer green to bright aspen yellow. Peeking between the trees, far upstream, is the peak of a snow-capped mountain. ]

I hadda run up to Salida anyways, so I figured I might as well make a trip of it.

Y’all, Salida is GORGEOUS. Continue reading travellin: Salida

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cats: what’s in a sheet of paper


[ Marisol, a tiny, longhaired calico cat, is hunkered up on a sheet of tan paper. The paper’s visibly got a texture to it. Marisol looks very comfortable. ]

This is probably the last post from our stay in the cabin over the winter — I kept not getting round to it, what with One Thing & Another — but I’ve been hanging onto the pictures, because of cats. Who are weird. Continue reading cats: what’s in a sheet of paper

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SPOON: a Long and Valiant Quest to Get some Damn Insulation


[ The back of a black pickup truck, which has a lot of bags of insulation in it. One bag spans the entire width of the inside of the bed, something like four feet. A bumper sticker on the tailgate reads “Frankly, it’s a truck”. ]

Also known as ‘we finally had the money to get enough stuff to more-or-less get my cabin ready for the winter, so I made a huge-tastic order & we drove down to Canon City, it was a whole thing’.

(Taken from a twitter thread the day after, lightly edited.) Continue reading SPOON: a Long and Valiant Quest to Get some Damn Insulation

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cats: Loiosh tries a baby sling


[ Loiosh is curled up, on his back, in a blue scarf slung around the neck of a tall person in a red t-shirt. CJ wears glasses and has long dark hair, parted down the center and braided. He’s grinning down at Loiosh. ]

(spoilers: it’s, uh, brief)

ALSO please meet the fourth member of our lil commune, CJ, who got here a couple weeks ago!

Yeah yeah, I know, cat pictures. Continue reading cats: Loiosh tries a baby sling

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small beauties: the delicate desert


[ A close view of long, narrow silver-green leaves, waving in the breeze, looking much like undersea fronds. The stems are paler and slightly more yellow. They greenery entirely fills the picture. ]

First small beauties post from the new land! There’s SO much here that’s beautiful, I can’t wait to post more. Continue reading small beauties: the delicate desert