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cats: mostly Gallup edition


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is laying at his ease on a concrete patio. His leash, also green, is draped decoratively around him, and his eyes are mostly squinted shut. ]

Friday the weather was decent & Loiosh was a WIGGLEBUTT, so I took him along to Gallup for a wander. We didn’t run into a lot of people, alas, but he did get some pets, & I got a bunch of pictures of Gallup. Continue reading cats: mostly Gallup edition

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process: Determination


[ A three inch wide, six inch long flat golden-copper ring in an almost rectangular shape reminiscent of a teddy bear, with small specks and eight holes equally spaced around the edge. It hangs suspended from two copper wire hooks through holes on the short ends. Hanging below it from some of the other holes are multiple chains of reddish-brown and amber beads. Some of these chains wrap around a small clear glass jar, the appropriate size to hold a tealight. Viewed here from above. ]

Okay, not a process post as such, because I took all the pictures afterwards, but I DO wanna show off because I am EXTREMELY proud of this piece. Continue reading process: Determination

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cats: tiny Loiosh edition


[ Loiosh, a small orange tabby kitten wearing a sea blue harness, is sitting on a big tree branch. His ears are perked forward. ]

Didn’t manage Woods Day last week — the weather just did NOT allow — so I dug up some pictures of Loiosh’s first time in a tree.

He was SO WEE. I  think he was somewhere between two & three months here. But so confident & curious! Being up high was a little scary but mostly FUN. Continue reading cats: tiny Loiosh edition

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small beauties: trees, water, & poky things edition


[ A grove of tall Ponderosa pines, rising over ground covered in pine needles. The sun peeks through the trees to the upper right, and sunbeams pierce the air. ]

I don’t know how to express how good it was to be back in the woods. I don’t … have the words for it, for the restful shade of the pines, the resinous scent of the air, the tiny, near-inaudible chuckle of water. The rustle of reeds & needles, the cry of a raven circling above.

… yeah okay I guess that was some words. Continue reading small beauties: trees, water, & poky things edition

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process: lil bits


[ A tangle of jewelry and jewelry parts sits on a wood surface. A necklace of fake turquoise and another with beads in a variety of greens and blues make up most of the pile. ]

Last week, it having been two weeks since I received my second Moderna shot, I hied me to a thrift store, because I needed a bunch of cheap jewelry chain for an upcoming project.

I haven’t started that project yet, but last Friday, on Woods Day, I got to play with some of the other stuff that came in the grab bag. Continue reading process: lil bits

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small beauties: fire & ash edition


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is sniffing at the base of a Ponderosa pine. The bottom three feet or so of the bark is lightly charred. ]

Two days ago I FINALLY managed to do Woods Day. Y’all, I need to prioritize Woods Day more, because I needed that BAD. Spending a day outside working on Tyrava is good, mind you, but Woods Day is, apparently, more necessary.

I found us a new spot again — managed to find a bit of creek that had water in it! — & it turns out there’d been fire on the slope above. I didn’t see any signs of heavy equipment, so it must’ve burned out on its own. There was a whole glade of trees that had burned some but not much — the one in the picture above only lost a layer or two of bark, & is otherwise doing fine. This is why Ponderosa pines have that layered puzzle-piece bark! Continue reading small beauties: fire & ash edition