Dramatical Posing

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One of Tom’s absolute FAVOURITE parts of the woods: grass. I have explained to him that he is part cow.

Loiosh did no such thing! I’m lying, I just didn’t get a good picture of it.

Loiosh, an orange tabby, stands facing the camera in a pine cone-dotted mountain meadow. His tail is a-twitch.

He did, however, find a spot for a Dramatical Pose.

Loiosh in profile, with ponderosa pines towering behind him. He's standing on a fallen tree.

Photobombed by Tom, who cannot be arsed for dramatical posing.

Loiosh is still on the tree, but facing the other direction. Tom's laying on the ground behind him. Both are staring fixedly off to the right.

…well, FINE, if you INSIST

Tom from the front. He's laying with his head up, gazing just to the right of the camera, both paws stretched out in front & his ears tilted to the sides.

A dramatical paw.

A close view of one of Tom's forepaws, on a bed of pine needles.

& then I worked on the spiral thing for a while, & then Loiosh got bored,

The big wire piece I was working on is laying on a small wooden table; Loiosh is standing on it, one of his hind paws right on one of the seaglass pieces.

so we hadda go for another walk

Loiosh in the distance. He stands facing away, towards the van, which is behind him; beyond the van, ponderosa pines stretch tall.

but this one wasn’t very long at all.

Loiosh is flopped out on the ground. all four paws & his tail stretched out; his eyes are closed but his head is still up.

Right after I took this picture, he did that thing where he goes from ‘dozing’ to ‘really asleep’ & his head fell & almost hit the ground before he woke up & I laughed at him A LOT & then he was Really Angry.

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