Tyrava — door stops & more wall

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[ Tyrava’s front door frame, which is painted purple; a length of unpainted wood maybe an inch wide & half an inch deep runs along the inside of the frame, right where the door will stop when it’s closed properly. ]

Last Saturday & today I got a bunch done on Tyrava, including the door stops all the way around the front door. Since I’m not terribly good at cutting things precisely & there were big gaps around the door, this is a VERY good thing.

It was easy where the door frame is straight, of course, but the curved parts were trickier.

[ The door frame again, seen from the inside; my hand holds up a piece of wood cut to follow the curve of the upper part of the door.  ]

Not as bad as they might’ve been, though; it didn’t take near as long as I’d expected.

[ The door frame seen from outside; the door stop pieces now go all the way up, following the curve of the doorframe. ]

I caulked all round them on both sides, then had to wait until that had dried to start painting, so I moved on to that section of wall I’ve been working on. Between last week & this, I got it done.

[ A section of the inside wall, three feet wide & five feet high, is covered with rough wood boards, set vertically. ]

Next I moved the latch for the front window shutter …

[ The ornate black hook & eye that holds the front window shutter closed is now near the top of the shutter, with the eye on the shutter itself & the hook on the frame outside the window. ]

… & added an eye hook in a carefully-chosen spot …

[ Another hook eye, this one simple steel, sticks out from the side of the shutter, right above where the hook sits. ]

… for purposes of being able to do this.

[ When you open the shutter & hook the black hook through the eye on the shutter, it holds the shutter up at an angle. ]

Et voila: sunshade & rain awning!

[ Another view of the front wall; the shutter is hinged at the top, & the hook & eye hold it open so that it angles down from the hinges. ]

Lastly, the opposite wall section from the one I’d just finished. Did the whole thing in one day! That’s gonna be the bedroom section, pretty much, once it’s all done, & with those boards making up the walls, it’s gonna look REALLY GOOD.

[ It looks pretty much like the wall section on the other side, only it’s on the other side from that one. ]

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