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SPOON: finally a container!


[Seen across a mostly-barren field, a big grey pickup truck is towing a really big trailer with a forty foot long, mustard yellow container on it.]

… okay, it actually showed up weeks ago, but I’ve been SO BUSY just trying to 1) build a house, 2) shove stuff into the container in a way that makes sense, & 3) SURVIVE that, err, I haven’t managed to post here. Like. Ever.

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SPOON: starting to build!


[Two folding tables are set up, end to end, along Tyrava’s long side; they hold a single board and a scattering of tools. There’s also a couple of rusty folding chairs, a dog crate with a cat crate inside, a covered litterbox with a cardboard box and a gallon of water on top, and an ez-up, still in its bag.]

Finally, FINALLY, things have lined up so that I can start to build.

I got the folding tables set up, with sort of a workshop, not great, but it’s working so far. It gets shade in the late afternoon, & Tyrava shields it from the wind most of the time … when the wind is behaving, which is intermittent at best.

Plus I got lumber. A lotta lumber. Have you LOOKED at the prices for lumber these days? Ye GODS.

(I will gently remind you of the gofundme; the description is RIDICULOUSLY out of date, but money still goes to the overall cause of ‘we build thing to live in’.)

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SPOON: making room


[To the left, a big passenger van, slightly beat up, pale tan or grey, depending on the light. To the right, Tyrava, a smallish tiny house or largish vardo, painted lavender with dark purple trim.]

So what with one thing & another … we haven’t gotten a lot done, even now that we’re on the land. Space is tight, the wind is terrible, & we’re putting a lot of work into simply surviving from one minute to the next, waiting til the container shows up so that we have some ROOM.

But it’s taking longer than they’d said it would — 7-10 days is NOT the same as ‘up to 25 business days’, y’all — & I got to the point where I realized I was gonna hafta make more room in Tyrava. I did an accountability thread on twitter as I worked, & basically I’m just gonna copy that over here.

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SPOON: on the land


[Flat land, sparsely covered in brown tumbleweeds, leads up to rugged, snowy mountain peaks.]

‘Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered …’

… okay, no, but we _did_ manage to get the van stuck within a hundred feet of our borders, & by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’, & it took us four days to get it unstuck, so, uh, there’s been a lot going on.

But the view is like that! So that helps a lot. Continue reading SPOON: on the land

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SPOON: first load edition


[The road stretches out through the center of this wide shot; at the distant horizon, a hint of snow-covered mountains blends into the low clouds. The road is tree-lined on the left side; snowy fields on the right lead up to a snow-roofed barn.]

I haven’t been talking about it much, mostly because STRESS & I dunwanna, but we’re coming up on the end of our time in our winter haven. It’s time to move. Also the van registration was due, for which I needed the title, which was in Alamosa, so I decided to work on two problems at once by loading up the van & driving south. Continue reading SPOON: first load edition

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okay it’s a SLIGHTLY BELATED update, everything’s been higgledy-piggledy but


… okay it’s still a couple weeks til closing, but it’s all but ours

it looks like this:


[ A nondescript, completely flat stretch of land, featuring sandy soil and low, spiny-looking plants. ]

… I think, anyway. Might be one of the other two parcels I looked at. They all kinda looked the same, & it was just the location that made us choose this one.

Well, also the cool bottle I found, felt kind of like a good omen.


[ A small, clear glass bottle, perhaps three inches tall, held in the hand of a white person. ]

… look, I take my good news where I find it.