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SPOON: a Long and Valiant Quest to Get some Damn Insulation


[ The back of a black pickup truck, which has a lot of bags of insulation in it. One bag spans the entire width of the inside of the bed, something like four feet. A bumper sticker on the tailgate reads “Frankly, it’s a truck”. ]

Also known as ‘we finally had the money to get enough stuff to more-or-less get my cabin ready for the winter, so I made a huge-tastic order & we drove down to Canon City, it was a whole thing’.

(Taken from a twitter thread the day after, lightly edited.) Continue reading SPOON: a Long and Valiant Quest to Get some Damn Insulation

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SPOON: where it stands


[ A plywood-covered wood foundation, covered in turn with an outdoor carpet in cream and green, holds up two walls, one to the left, one on the far side of the floor. Each wall bears a single window. A pair of matching doors leans against the side wall. ]

I’ve been posting about stuff I did months ago, trying to catch up while I couldn’t do any building for a while, BUT the money has finally come in for the last of what I need to finish my cabin, so here is the State of Things. Continue reading SPOON: where it stands

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SPOON: kitchen sink!


[ A stainless steel kitchen sink sits upside down on top of a white folding table. The table also holds a variety of tools and a red cardboard box labeled ‘Milwaukee’. ]

One of the hardest parts of cooking & eating when you’re living rough is cleaning dishes. You can eat with disposable stuff — & we still do, pretty often — but you still gotta wash your pots & pans.

Fortunately I found a kitchen sink at an abandoned house, we had a bunch of 2×4 offcuts from pallets & various other places, & Morgyn’s dad sent us a nice big hunk of scrap plywood. Continue reading SPOON: kitchen sink!

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SPOON: progress!


[ A corner next to the bed platform in Tyrava; it has a cabinet built into it, made from old weathered pallet wood. ]

Lots of progress to post about! In between working on a 12×16 cabin for me & the business, I’ve been making improvements to Tyrava. Mostly storage; one of the big problems with small houses is storage. Hence, a cabinet next to the bed, for Jasper to store stuff in. Continue reading SPOON: progress!

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SPOON: random catchup things


[A sturdy set of shelves, solidly made from old, weathered wood. They’re an extension to the tool shelves I made last month. They’re about three feet wide, a foot and a half deep, and seven feet tall, and already about half full of Stuff.]

Lotta projects getting done, not so many pictures taken. Gonna work on that, but in the meantime, here we are. With more shelves. Continue reading SPOON: random catchup things

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SPOON: Borgia: the actual, you know, DOOR part


[There’s a hole cut in the side of Borgia, a mustard yellow cargo container. It’s roughly the size and shape of a doorway, and, in fact, there’s a door frame in it, made from weathered old wood. Leaning against the wall next to the doorway is a slab of metal, coincidentally the precise same size.]

Cutting the hole for the door in Borgia was SO MUCH easier than I was worried it would be. I totally needed earplugs — the sound was HORRIBLE, even with just the jigsaw — and I kept having to take breaks lest my hands vibrate clean off, but over the course of a couple days I got it done. Continue reading SPOON: Borgia: the actual, you know, DOOR part

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SPOON: finally a container!


[Seen across a mostly-barren field, a big grey pickup truck is towing a really big trailer with a forty foot long, mustard yellow container on it.]

… okay, it actually showed up weeks ago, but I’ve been SO BUSY just trying to 1) build a house, 2) shove stuff into the container in a way that makes sense, & 3) SURVIVE that, err, I haven’t managed to post here. Like. Ever.

BUT CONTAINER. Continue reading SPOON: finally a container!

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SPOON: starting to build!


[Two folding tables are set up, end to end, along Tyrava’s long side; they hold a single board and a scattering of tools. There’s also a couple of rusty folding chairs, a dog crate with a cat crate inside, a covered litterbox with a cardboard box and a gallon of water on top, and an ez-up, still in its bag.]

Finally, FINALLY, things have lined up so that I can start to build.

I got the folding tables set up, with sort of a workshop, not great, but it’s working so far. It gets shade in the late afternoon, & Tyrava shields it from the wind most of the time … when the wind is behaving, which is intermittent at best.

Plus I got lumber. A lotta lumber. Have you LOOKED at the prices for lumber these days? Ye GODS.

(I will gently remind you of the gofundme; the description is RIDICULOUSLY out of date, but money still goes to the overall cause of ‘we build thing to live in’.)

Continue reading SPOON: starting to build!

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SPOON: making room


[To the left, a big passenger van, slightly beat up, pale tan or grey, depending on the light. To the right, Tyrava, a smallish tiny house or largish vardo, painted lavender with dark purple trim.]

So what with one thing & another … we haven’t gotten a lot done, even now that we’re on the land. Space is tight, the wind is terrible, & we’re putting a lot of work into simply surviving from one minute to the next, waiting til the container shows up so that we have some ROOM.

But it’s taking longer than they’d said it would — 7-10 days is NOT the same as ‘up to 25 business days’, y’all — & I got to the point where I realized I was gonna hafta make more room in Tyrava. I did an accountability thread on twitter as I worked, & basically I’m just gonna copy that over here.

Continue reading SPOON: making room