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[ An interestingly-weathered tree stump, about two feet high & a foot and a half across. ]

When I got to our spot in the woods last Tuesday, I saw this Very Excellent tree stump that I was pretty sure one cat or another would, eventually, use for Dramatical Posing.

I was, in this, correct.

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, stands on the aforementioned tree trunk, four paws close together, gazing off to the left. ]

He did a lot of posing, or at least climbing on things.

[ Two pieces of fallen tree lay more-or-less parallel; he’s got his forepaws on one piece & his hindpaws on the other, & he’s looking down at something on one of them, but I never found out what. ]

& there was a GLORIOUS huge fallen tree to climb on.

[The decaying tree trunk is probably three feet thick. Loiosh stands on the ground next to it, looking up at it. ]

Which he did, of course.

[ He’s standing on top of the trunk now, body facing right but looking back over his shoulder. ]

So did Tom, but he’s never been much for the dramatical posing.

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, stands on top of the big trunk, head down, sniffing at the wood, but keeping an eye out ahead. ]

I even climbed up on it, but I didn’t get any pictures of that.

The next time I took a break from working on the day’s faery home decor piece, we took a good long walk. This was Tom’s idea, & he led the way.

[ A narrow path leads off through a grassy meadow & then into the woods. Tom’s walking down it, away from the camera, head up, tail caught mid-swish. ]

… at least for a bit.

[ And now he’s plopped down in the middle of the trail, though he’s still looking at what’s ahead. ]

I really thought this would be a great spot for Dramatical Posing, but Loiosh was having none of it.

[ Another fallen tree, this one curved into an arch shape that looks like it would be inviting to walk under or climb up onto, at least for someone the size of a cat. Loiosh stands next to it, tail towards the camera, looking at something behind the tree. ]

They both did some Dramatical Posing later in the day, but I got too many good pictures for just one post, so the next one will go up in a couple days.

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