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Not that there WAS anywhere to turn around, both sides stacked up with rocks like that. I can drive the van over a lot but she’s no four wheel drive jeep.

… with me & weird abandoned buildings.

I’ll get to that, though.

I keep looking for new places to spend the day. Shoulda turned around as soon as I saw how bad the road got, though.

I finally found a place with no rocks in the way & nearly got myself into another sort of trouble.

A bit of a clearing in the woods -- with a sea of mud at the center, & tire tracks leading partway through.

But I stopped before I got myself stuck — see, I CAN learn! — & turns out it was a pretty decent place to spend the day.

Seen through the trees, the van sits just off of the road, which runs behind it & off to the right.

I did my usual stuff — took a bunch of product pictures, made the big piece I posted about yesterday, hung out with the boys — & when everything else was done & the sun was getting low, went for a walk.

Seriously. What is it with me finding abandoned structures in these woods.

In the distance, the remains of an old log cabin. The roof & most of the walls have long since fallen and there's no more than a couple feet of wall still standing.

This one’s just an old, old log home though. I wonder how long it’s been there? It’s not a hogan — it was almost certainly built by white colonizers.

The corner of the cabin -- built in classic log cabin style, with treetrunks at least a foot wide stacked atop each other.

It was pretty big, for what it was. Sturdily built.

A view from the side, three walls still visible -- the house was perhaps sixteen feet by twenty.

Loiosh had to explore it, of course. But he didn’t want to go inside, just walked around the tumbledown walls.

Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands atop what's left of one of the walls, looking curiously inside.

The sun was about to set so we all headed back — but I found a bit of treasure on the way. Check this out!

A short bit of iron pipe, well pitted & rusted. It's perhaps five inches long & maybe an inch & a half across.

A piece of pipe — nice thick walls, just that short length. No idea what it’s from, or if it’s related to the cabin — it was at least a hundred feet away.

I’ll make something out of it, though.

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