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Woods Day last week was called on account of Wind & also Fire, so I only cave pictures of the boys inside right now.

… mostly.

Anyway, above is Loiosh, who does not have a mohawk because he is young & rebellious, but because he’s got ear mites, & I’ve been squirting baby oil in his ears twice a day for almost two weeks now. His ears are a lot less itchy, & also I except that he will kill me in my sleep any minute now.

I did stick the boys in the van on Friday & took the lot of us for a long drive, because basically I couldn’t cope with the world, but I sort of failed the ‘taking pictures’ part except for this one.

Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, is sitting on a set of wooden shelves in the van, looking apprehensively out the windshield.

He proceeded to spend the rest of the drive singing the song of his people. One of these days I’ll get a recording of that.

In any case Loiosh refused further photographic evidence of his bad fur day, so here’s Tom having a nap in the sun.

Tom's flopped out on the floor under my chair, forepaws stretched out in front of him, entirely asleep.

& then I hadda go & wake him up.

A closeup of Tom's face. One eye is open & he's very pointedly not looking at me.

I love his two-colour whiskers.

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