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cats: sleepy boy edition


[Loiosh, an orange tabby, is curled up on the couch, face shoved into the grey fabric that covers the back cushion. He is comprehensively asleep.]

So we’re actually in the depths of moving! I’m scheduling a couple weeks of cats pictures to tide y’all through. Or at least I’m gonna try to, we’ll see.

But Loiosh was being adorable on the couch AND I had my camera, so of course there were pictures. Continue reading cats: sleepy boy edition

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a giveaway!

& it’s NOT MINE

… okay, a friend of mine is raising money to get a t-shirt press, a bunch of t-shirts, & stuff to print t-shirts with for a friend of HERS who teaches elementary school in Alaska, & if they raise twelve hundred bucks she’s doing a drawing for a gift basket of my stuff!

More information here! Give early, give often!

This is some of the stickers/magnets that every single donor to the project, will get sent to them next month.


Everyone gets the rainbow and wood stickers, and people get one of the others, plus some fun stamps and Alaska photography stickers.


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some woods tho

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is crouched down on the ground, nose almost in a critter hole in the ground in front of him. ]

After I packed up for the day, we drove down to the end of the lake; there’s a stand of aspens there & I wanted to explore.

To my crankitude. most of them are behind a fence, but there was a small patch of woods, in which Loiosh found a critter hole.

Tom was very relieved to be under cover, though the crackling of the leaves startled him several times. Continue reading some woods tho