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It’s been ‘cats in the woods’ posts every Tuesday for a while now, but I haven’t stopped taking pictures of them inside! Above, Loiosh the night his catnip pickle arrived.

Below, Loiosh fifteen minutes later, trying to convince me he was Just Fine Mom. Catnip pickle? What catnip pickle?

Loiosh has flopped over onto his side & is ignoring the pickle with great intensity.

I set this basket up with a nice towel in it a couple weeks ago, hoping one of the boys would find it appealing. Took a while, but Tom finally gave it a try, & declared it suitable, at least for sitting in to look out the window.

Major Tom, a large grey tabby, is sitting in an oval basket that looks like it would just barely fit him if he were to lay down in it. He's gazing out the window.

… what?

He's turned his head & is staring at the camera like he's on the Office.

A week or so after that, I finally caught him SLEEPING in it. He fits! More or less! Kinda!

Tom's laying in the basket. He fits in it pretty neatly.

Loiosh, too, has found a new favourite sleeping spot. To nobody’s surprise, it involves his pickle.

Loiosh is laying in his cat bed. His face is smushed into the pickle, which is tucked into one of the corners. He is SOUND ASLEEP.

I, too, wish to be a small cat with a catnip pillow.

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