about the crew

kate crew

kellan • captain

i’m a wicked girl saving myself • an outlaw flying alone in the black • an herbalist, wolf, catmommy & friend to dogs • a pirate and a good man

in 2006 i got out of a long-term abusive relationship & moved to colorado to start over • it’s been a rollercoaster ride since then but i found out i work best when i’m not working for anyone else • a lot of things came together to show me that starting my own business was the way to go • & thus the vagabond tabby was born •

since then i’ve been all over • colorado, tennessee, pennsylvania, back to colorado, then new mexico • finally i’m back in colorado again • finally after shedding so many old things • (physical & metaphorical) • i get to sink deep roots • here i get to stay

loiosh • copilot • vp of marketing

Loiosh is just as old as my ‘career’ as a self-employed maker of various things • if i’d had a ‘real job’ i wouldn’t have had the time to socialize him the way i did • & i’m sure glad i did, cos we’re pretty damn inseparable • he’s been camping with me all over the country • he’s been to two weddings with me (name on the invite and all) • he’s been to events in eight kingdoms so far • he’s my boy & i’m his momma • he keeps me sane(ish) • as much as anything’s gonna

the vp of marketing thing started as a joke but • it turns out he’s terribly good at it

tom crew

major tom • chief morale officer

Major Tom is living proof that you can’t tame a feral cat • but if you take your time, know what you’re doing, & get VERY lucky • you can make friends with one

his first event was Estrella 2020 • he had a pretty good time • but then it was an AWFULLY long time until he got to go again • he was pretty not sure about it until he met his Auntie Danielle & his Auntie Angel • he realized that People mean Loves & Loves are Good • & now he wants to go to Every Event Ever

i hope you get to meet him at some event somewhere • he’d very much like to meet you

remy crew

remington steele • chief of security

Remy for short • he’s Jasper’s service dog • he’s also the dorkest dork who ever dorked • i mean LOOK at that FACE

he’s honestly not very good at security • he loves people too much • but he’s got a good loud bark, & that’s probably about as close as we’re gonna get

(Jasper notes that Remy is actually an EXCELLENT chief of security, because he will alert to EVERYTHING, including that tiny bird over there that flapped once. i ain’t gonna argue.)

morgyn crew

morgyn leri • director of monotony

not to say that Morgyn is monotonous • they’re really not • but they really LIKE doing some of the really tedious stuff that makes me pull my hair out • lotta soap to wrap? Morgyn’s got it • whole pile of lil paper bags that need stamped? just ask Morgyn • that entire BOX of padded envelopes need the Progress Pride stickers put on em? • hand it all to Morgyn & get out of the way

that’s not all they do • they’re our Fire Priest, in charge of firewood & the hearth • they’re a merchant brat, raised in the business, & a lot of times they know more about it than i do • & while i build vardos & tiny houses, they build entire worlds

jasper crew

jasper thomas • chief information officer

we all take turns having the brain • that’s just how that works • but Jasper has it WAY more often than any of the rest of us • & his googlemancy is TOP. TIER. • you’ll be thinking about whatever • that thing you’ve been vaguely meaning to figure out how to do • & POOF he hands you the a link • one of the first times i remember talking to him • i was grumbling on twitter about how i needed 4×10 sheets of plywood for Tyrava’s roof • but it doesn’t come that size • three minutes later? POOF

he’s also ferociously good at marketing • the shitpost kind, like i do • & coming up with new ways to do things • jewelry January? all his idea

the other thing that’s his? • all the leather stuff here at the vagabond tabby • go take a look

cj crew

cj • manager of miscellany

cj spends most of his time working in town • having another source of income is NOT a bad thing, y’all • but in his Copious Spare Time he’s prefectly pleased to help out as he can • with just about anything • schlepping boxes? chopping wood? sanding boards? carrying roof trusses? wrangling cats? • he’s all over that

marisol crew

marisol • health & safety officer

marisol is the tiniest & also the fiercest • we’re pretty sure she would win • there’s no ‘against who’ here, she’d just win

despite this, she’s been hired to head the health & safety office • mostly because she is very insistent on examining all food & related objects that enter the house • yes, this includes dog kibble • she’s VERY fond of dog kibble

she’s also very fond of pie • or is pretty sure she WOULD be, if she were only allowed to try some • yes, that IS a pie she’s sitting on in her official portrait • it’s like this here

sigdis crew

sigdis • chief of yelling

it’s not like there’s anyone here who DOESN’T yell • but sometimes you need an expert

sigdis is VERY good at yelling

she has exceptional focus • this is because her brain is only capable of a few thoughts • they are as follows:

  • LOVE
  • outside
  • kittens?
  • food!
  • punch dog
beast crew

aunt beast • tugboat & auxiliary storage

she’s a 2007 chevy express • got her from old friends & fellow merchants • for a long time she was my backup home on wheels • these days she gets a lot of rest • with side duty as nice sturdy scaffolding for working up high • & also hauling truly appalling amounts of plywood • but when we’re on the road she carries not only all of us but also Tyrava

tyrava crew

tyrava • our ship

i’d been wanting a vardo for years • or a storage trailer with a window cut into the side, a converted schoolbus, SOMETHING i could live in if i had to • & eventually all the pieces came together at the right time so i could build her • she’s my tinker’s wagon, my mobile craft show booth & SCA home • & if you know where her name comes from you’re DEFINITELY a geek

i’ve travelled in her, me & the boys • i’ve lived in her for months at a time • me & Jasper lived in her until i got the first part of the house livable • & someday we’ll be going to events again

in memoriam

chocolate crew

chocolate • heart cat • chief morale officer, emeritus • 1998-2017

he was my old man cat • we were together for 19 years • moved cross-country more times than i can keep track of • in and out of bad relationships • all the shit i’ve been through in my life • he was there

mostly he just wanted us all to get off his lawn

in the last few years of his life he decided going to events wasn’t so bad • he got to yell at way more people that way • turns out old cats are pretty good at learning new tricks

hades crew

hades • chief morale officer, emeritus • ??-2020

hades came to me already more-or-less leashtrained & people socialized • & slipped quite comfortably into chocolate’s old job • he was never quite as chill as loiosh • but then who is?

he was the only one of us to have a sign name • you would sign ‘eat’, except with your hand doing a fingerspelled ‘h’ • because oh boy, did he love food • he was often called ‘hungry Hades’

his other nickname was ‘squirrel’ because he was ALWAYS INTO SOMETHING • & found it VERY DIFFICULT to stay still unless he was either eating • or actually asleep

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