cats: how ridiculous a dog

All I did was go outside, aim the camera in Remy’s general direction, & tap the ‘take a picture’ button a whole bunch of times, which is all that was necessary, oh my GODS, this PUPPY, what even are you DOING with your FACE.


cats: inspecting the premises

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, sits neatly in the lower of the two window holes in the new wall of my house. ] The cats are really enjoying the new wall, because that means it’s easier to get away from the dog. The dog is really annoyed by it, for much the same reason.


yeah so uh

HI … look there’s been Stuff BUT I now have a DESK that holds my LAPTOP & we also have SOLAR which means I can CHARGE MY LAPTOP & therefore I will be POSTING AGAIN ALSO yes, none of August’s patron stuff has gone out, because of Things, but all of you who get Stuff …

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