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[ Yes, it’s the same interior wall I’ve been working on for … a while now. The section closest to the camera is entirely unfinished, & the part beyond that has wall boards about halfway up. ]

I’ve finally caught the trick of prying boards loose without it taking 5ever & breaking all the boards, so Tyrava’s wall paneling is going MUCH faster now. Look at all these boards!


[ A stack of six weathered fence boards sit on a pair of sawhorses. Each board is about six inches across, 3/4 inch thick, and six feet long. ]

Cut em all to length:


[ The boards have been cut to just over 40 inches long, and now they’re stacked on a low table, along with a pair of clamps and a cordless drill with a flap wheel. ]

Get em sanded down:


[ They’re stacked on the sawhorses again; each one has been sanded smooth, but the nail holes and grain are still visible. ]

Put em up, et voila!


[ The chunk of wall that was halfway done is now ALMOST finished — there’s just a bit left to do at the top, but the rest is covered with lovely weathered boards, fastened horizontally. ]

Course then there’s this bit.


[ That section at the top? Is funky-shaped, because one of the 2×4 cross beams is in the way. ]

Which took about as long as all the rest put together, but it looks pretty nice, I think.


[ The entire funky-shaped section is now covered in an equally funky-shaped board! That actually pretty much fits! ]

Took a good long break after that, supervised by a boy.


[ A close view of Loiosh’s face. He’s looking off to the right. His eyes are green and he has black freckled on his pink nose. ]

But I still had the energy to do a BIT more!


[ The wall section closest to the door is now done almost halfway up. There’s a few inches of recycled denim insulation sticking out from behind the topmost board. Just six more boards to go! ]

& once I’ve got that last bit done, that wall will be FINISHED. & then I move on to the other side!

In the meantime, a friend was posting moss & lichen pics on twitter, so I got this one to share:


[ Pale grey-green lichens on grey pinyon bark. Beyond that is a clump of partially-hardened yellow-gold pinyon resin. ]

We don’t get a lot of moss in New Mexico, but our lichens are EXCELLENT.

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