tinker’s wagon


new circular saw!

[ A red Milwaukee circular saw, sitting on a table along with a steel ruler, a green pen, & random boards. ] Innit purty? Also means I can DO things, so Wednesday I went outside & Did things.


between the rain

Painted the other long edge of the front door. This is the kind of texture I’m talking about — gotta get all those lil holes filled. The rest of today I worked on the back wall, in between rain showers. The monsoon is finally here — I hope?


catching up

What with one thing & another I am … slightly behind on posting. But my new phone has an excellent camera & a sturdy case so I went outside & took some pictures of what I’ve been working on the last couple weeks.


small bits

There’s a big fire in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona, & what that has to do with progress on Tyrava might seem non-obvious but the prevailing winds are bringing a LOT of smoke this way, so I’ve been staying inside as much as I can. But I’ve slipped outside a couple times to get …

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scattered focus

I mean. There’s Stuff going on, & it’s Distracting, focus is … not entirely a thing. But I am getting things done! Above: shelves, for a set of shelves that will, once they’re done, hold all my soap backstock. Given that currently that’s sort of shoved in a corner in my workroom, this is a …

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