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[ A 2 foot high, 4 foot wide hole in Tyrava’s side. It’s crooked. There’s an old-fashioned window fastened to the inside, which is also crooked. ]

It’s warm enough to actually work outside again, at least for a couple days, so here we are. This window needs … it needs help, y’all.


[ The same window, from the inside. It’s got six panels of glass between old wooden frame pieces. Most of the paint has come off of this side. ]

… I think I managed to find the only angle where it doesn’t look crooked from the inside.

I’d cut & sanded the window trim last time I got a chance to do stuff — did I even post about that? — so it just needed a couple coats of paint. The paint was ALMOST dry, but there was enough not-quite-solid sludge left that when I poured water in & stirred it up good, I could paint with it.


[ A short wooden table, which holds a can of paint, a small paintbrush, and four pieces of wooden trim, each four inches wide and the right lengths to go around the window. ]

… look, I basically don’t recommend ANY of my methods to people who wanna try building things, I just do what looks like it’ll work & a surprising amount of the time it turns out I’m more-or-less right. Ish.

Anyway it hasn’t fallen down yet. That’s got to mean something.

While the purple was drying, I got the screen over the window. Turns out if you bend metal window screen, it’ll stay bent until you somehow flatten it! Which I didn’t do!


[ There’s metal window screening stapled over the window. It’s crooked, and there’s folds in it, and it’s not flat. ]

It’ll keep the bugs out & the cats in, & that’s really the important part. Right? Right?

Anyway by then the purple was dry, so I did a couple coats of clear stuff.


[ The same four boards, painted purple, sitting on a table in the sun. ]

& then I did some pallet disassembly while I was waiting for that to dry. I’ve gotten a lot better at prying things in the last year!


[ Two pallets are laying on the ground. One has had several boards removed. ]

& then I got to do the fun part!


[ Same window, now with lovely dark purple trim around it. ]

Yeah, it’s still crooked. But now it’s WHIMSICALLY crooked.

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