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[A sturdy set of shelves, solidly made from old, weathered wood. They’re an extension to the tool shelves I made last month. They’re about three feet wide, a foot and a half deep, and seven feet tall, and already about half full of Stuff.]

Lotta projects getting done, not so many pictures taken. Gonna work on that, but in the meantime, here we are. With more shelves.

Turns out the secret to getting pallets, at least in Alamosa, is you go around behind the Ace Hardware on Thursday. We filled the van, picked the best, & left five pallets behind.


[The back of the van, which has eight pallets stacked into it.]

There were two more in front of those. We brought home TEN pallets. They’re in really good shape, too. Lotta wood.

Good thing, because Jasper’s finally getting a puppy to train for his new service dog! So we need more space in Tyrava that’s dogproof, for purposes of still having shoes in a month. This is gonna be a cabinet pretty soon:


[Three walls of a narrow cabinet, inside of Tyrava, my tiny house. No shelves yet, but there’s a Milwaukee drill & driver sitting at the bottom, so that’ll change soon.]

Much more to come! The cabinet door! A built-in crate for the puppy! And MORE SHELVES!

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