Tyrava & cats: anxiety & shelves edition

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Having finished the bed platform itself, the next bit is the bed enclosure — just a bit of wall to demarcate the bed from the rest of Tyrava.

[ About two feet along the left side of the bed platform has been framed with 2×2 boards, running from the floor almost to the ceiling. ]

Framed out both sides, with yet more random hunks of 2×4, cut long ways into 2x2s.


[ Both the head and the foot of the bed platform have little wall sections framed out now, with a gap in between a bit over four feet wide. ]

In slightly related news, this whole moving thing is stressful enough that even Loiosh has needed some reassurance — I went out one day to work on Tyrava & wound up with a faceful of cat.


[ A close view of Loiosh’s handsome face — he’s an orange tabby with salt and pepper whiskers. His nose is pink with a bunch of black freckles. He’s looking off to the right, pensive. ]

So I’ve been taking some time to just BE with him, snuggles & reassurance, Momma & Boy time.

He’s also reassured by me working on Tyrava, though — he knows it’s OURS.


[ There’s now about a two foot wide wall section sticking out from Tyrava’s side wall, along the edge of the bed platform. It’s paneled in pallet wood in various widths. ]

Getting that lil wall section done meant I could put shelves in at the head of the bed. They’ll hold a bunch of my clothing, plus the stuff I keep at the head of my bed.


[ There’s a low platform at the head of the bed, maybe six inches up from where the mattress will go; it sticks about ten inches out from the wall, and stretches the width of the bed platform, about three feet. Two shelves just out from the wall, each about the same size, each about a foot higher than the one below. Storage! ]

Loiosh made me take a LONG break from working on things one day, though, after I’d brought the mattress out to see how it fit. We just flopped there for probably an hour, snuggling, & then he spent another couple hours hanging out, watching me work.


[ Loiosh is curled up on a thin foam mattress on the bed platform, one forepaw tucked in front of him, the other draped over one of his hindpaws. He’s looking off to the right, ears perked forward. ]

The lil platform bit at the head of the bed leaves just enough room for the mattress to fit! & I’m gonna put up a bar of some sort to hang clothing from. My longer stuff will drag, but all that goes down there is my feet. I got a bunch done on the bed enclosure on that side, but the rest can wait until I’ve got something like a kitchen put together, & also a foldout desk so I can actually use my laptop on the road.


[ The wall section at the foot of the bed is paneled up to about three feet high, while the rest is still open. ]

Lil steps! & cat snuggles.

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