land trip: in the national forest

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[ A meadow rising to rocks and trees; the sky above is cloudy. ]

Having unloaded, but not yet having made contact with the realtor, I decided to find a spot in the national forest for the weekend.

… for a fairly liberal definition of ‘forest’ but there WERE some trees.

I drove pretty far, mostly through the Land of No Connection, but eventually found a lovely wide spot with two bars of steady 4G. Once the sun set, I figured out why — I could see the lights of Monte Vista through a gap in the hills.


[ Tyrava, still hitched to the van, sits near the edge of a broad meadow; behind her are a pair of small hills, and a much higher and more distant mountain is visible through the gap in between. The sky is blue, with puffy white clouds. ]

I had a minor shutter problem, due to an unfortunate attempt to prop it open …


[ Tyrava’s back window is fine, but the shutter is sitting on the ground. Oops! ]

Fortunately it was an easy fix.


[ Seen from inside: the shutter is back in place, now held open by a convenient stick. ]

The boys spent a lot of time in Tyrava with me, napping out of the wind. This was JUST before the slapfight started.


[ Loiosh and Major Tom are curled up together on the bed, but Tom’s tail is lashing, and one of Loiosh’s hindpaws is lifted, ready to kick. ]

Eventually they settled down.


[ Both boys are in the same spots, but they’re peacefully asleep, hindpaws tangled together. But! They are NOT snuggling. ]

We also spent a lot of time outside, wandering around. Loiosh mostly hung out under trees, if only to stay out of the wind.


[Loiosh, an orange tabby, stands in the middle of a bunch of branches, head cocked, ears tilted forward. ]

Tom just can’t resist rolling in the dust, which is why everything I own is brown.


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, is laying on his back in the dirt. His belly is vast and pale tan, and he has a blissful smile. ]

I spent a couple days there, got Tyrava organized, fixed up the shutter, & had a LOT of naps. It was a good couple days.

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