SPOON: progress!

[ A corner next to the bed platform in Tyrava; it has a cabinet built into it, made from old weathered pallet wood. ]

Lots of progress to post about! In between working on a 12×16 cabin for me & the business, I’ve been making improvements to Tyrava. Mostly storage; one of the big problems with small houses is storage. Hence, a cabinet next to the bed, for Jasper to store stuff in.

Also GUESS WHAT more shelves. These are built into Tyrava’s side wall; they’ll eventually get cabinet doors, too.


[ A gridwork of shelves lines one of Tyrava’s side walls, just to the right of the side door. They’re already stuffed full of books, snacks, and rolled-up clothing. ]

It’s really a lot more comfortable living in here now that there’s more storage. There aren’t piles of stuff all over the floor! We can open the side door for more light & better airflow! I can think! Kind of! Ish!

Packing orders still kinda sucked, but I’ve had a shipping station planned for the front corner for months, & finally got a chance to BUILD it.

Turns out it also makes an excellent desk!


[ A simple desk has been built into the front corner across from the front door. It’s comprised of a medium-sized section with the front window behind it, which holds an open laptop, an cup of water, and a box of tissues. To the left is a wide shelf the same height as the desktop, plus smaller shelves built into the corner. ]

… alas, it doesn’t really make a great shipping station; the laptop doesn’t leave enough room on the desk for a box AND the stuff that’s going in it, plus the other shelves are all on the left side, which isn’t great for me because I’m really right-handed.

BUT it’s still better than packing orders on my bed, so I’ll take it.

& as a desk?

… well, it’s built as a standing desk, because Jasper likes those & he’s the one who mostly packs orders. & I can’t use a standing desk at ALL. & my desk chair doesn’t come high enough. & the plywood I used for the surface is salvaged, so it’s not as flat as it could be, & all the screws kinda make bumps too. & it’s really still too small just as a desk.

& it’s the best damn thing I’ve ever made, I CAN USE MY LAPTOP IN MY SPACE THAT IS MINE, IT IS SO GOOD

We even have JUST enough solar power to run laptops during the day, though, alas, not enough to charge batteries at the same time.

But we’ll GET THERE.

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