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[ A section of Tyrava’s inside walls. It’s about eight feet of wall, framed out with room for a couple windows. ]

That’s where I started Tuesday morning. I had a BUNCH of boards, including a lot of short pieces left over from the other walls, so all I hadda do was cut & sand & fasten & repeat. By the end of the day, I’d gotten a lot done.


[ A narrow section on the left has boards most of the way up, and there are a couple of boards all the way across along the bottom of the wall, too. ]

I also got some pallets taken apart — one had a nice big section of thick particle board, which is gonna be useful somewhere.


[ It’s about three feet by six feet, and it’s leaning against a low table in the driveway. ]

Pallet boards are always useful.


[ A couple of pallets are stacked in the driveway. The top one has had most of the boards pulled off already. ]

That was Tuesday. I went to get more boards Wednesday, but I had a bunch of stuff to get done inside, so I didn’t get to work on Tyrava at all. I just got back out to work on stuff today, & I got SO MUCH done, y’all.


[ Nearly the entire wall is covered in boards now, with room left for three windows. There’s a space along the top of the wall, maybe six inches deep & four feet wide, where the insulation still shows. ]

Just that little bit left to do, but I ran out of boards again & also energy. Better to stop while you’ve still got all your fingers, I figure.

So close though!


[ A closer view of the unfinished stuff. There’s really not much of it! ]

But it won’t take long. After that? The floor!

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