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2019-05-17 23.17.00

I tossed Loiosh up on top of the tall cabinet in the bathroom…

& proceeded to take a bunch of fairly terrible pictures of him up there.

I think I didn’t have the flash on, which means the exposure time was long, which means, well, blur.

But he was having a pretty good time. He doesn’t often go up high on his own because of his knee, but he’s perfectly happy to _be_ up high if someone gives him a boost. Or if he just bolts up a tree cos he’s in a mood.

Eventually, of course, he got bored.


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sometimes you just need to walk

2019-05-11 13.38.09

I was having a REALLY rough day Saturday, so my ‘run into town to ship a couple packages’ jaunt turned into ‘also accidentally drive to Crownpoint, do half the week’s grocery shopping, & find a really pretty canyon to almost fall into on the way home’ trip.

As you do.

(I did not, in fact, fall into the canyon, but I did climb through barbed wire twice, so there’s my store of bad ideas for the week.)

I found pretty flowers:

Also this cool plant that grew — flowers? Fruits? I do not know!

Some really excellent lichen.

Also Bones of Long-Dead Creatures in a more literal sense than usual.

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no no baby it’s okay…


My roommate & partner Rowan is finally home after too long, their truck is parked in the driveway, & they brought three boxes with most of their plates along, so we all had fun unpacking them & cooing over their excellent taste in pottery (& often their excellent skill, cos they made a LOT of it).

…only thing is I’m pretty sure Loiosh thought we were packing, not unpacking, cos he got REAL nervous. I had to pick him up & hold him some, & then he cuddled up on Rowan’s shoulder & would. Not. Move.

& then he went & laid down on their bed & made Dramatic Eyes.

It’s okay, baby boy. We’re staying. Ankle Rowan & Ankle Inoru gotta go to shows sometimes, just like you do with Momma, but we all live here now.

It’s okay.