it’s birthday season!

Today, April 25th, is Loiosh’s birthday, as near as I can reckon. He’s twelve. I can’t believe it’s been twelve years. He was such a wee tiny butthead! & now he’s a full-size butthead who won’t let me get any sewing done. On May 1st, it’ll be The Vagabond Tabby’s twelfth birthday! I’ve been doing

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ghost hug

(I took this pic to send to my sister who had surgery last week — she came through JUST FINE, yay! — but I bet a lot of us could use a ghost hug right now, so here’s one for those of y’all what need it.) On to the cat pictures!

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BOOM, or, a Reminiscence

What with one thing & another yesterday (by which I mean my apparently unorthodox method of getting the new washer into the house) I was telling my roommate Inoru about other things I’ve done that … perhaps reflect a nonstandard risk assessment on my part. In this case, making loud BOOM noises with crude medieval

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