small beauties

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SO MANY small cool things. SO MANY.

The tiniest mosslet!

A wee tiny tuft of moss, not even half an inch across, on a weathered & partly burnt fallen log.

Really astonishingly bright flowers.

Long flowers, like tubes with trumpet bells on the end. They're a vigorous orange-red.

I mean. LOOK at this thing.

A close view of one of the flowers. The tube splits into five narrow, pointy petals, which are speckled with pale orange spots.


A close view of a yarrow flower -- a bunch of tiny white five-petalled flowers clustered together.

Also, deer poop.

Lil round brown pellets. Hey, flowers need fertilizer.

Bright yellow flowers that I feel like I should recognize. They’re probably Astericae of some sort.

Each flowers has several oblong petals surrounding a round middle bit. Yeah, they look like daisies.

Really cool, almost certainly not edible seedpods.

Tall green stalks, each topped with two seed pods joined in a seam along the center.

Ponderosa bark weathers in puzzle pieces & it’s SO COOL. Also they smell kinda like piney vanilla.

Deeply weathered ponderosa pine bark. It's mostly a pale orangish tan, & it weathers into thin, oddly-shaped layers that peel off & look like puzzle pieces.

These look like tiny tiny mullein but they’re not.

Tiny low-growing plants with fuzzy-looking, grey-green leaves.

I saw these plants, thought I knew what they were, & was entirely wrong! Ideas?

The flowers are purple but also blurry, but the leaves are clear -- each petiole springs from the stem & ends with a cluster of long, narrow, bright green leaves in rosettes.

They also have cool seed pods, but they’re not like the other cool seed pods.

These seed pods are single ones, not joined like the others, & each sticks out from the stem on a short petiole instead of sticking straight up.

So many cool tiny things!

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