into the woods, or, why don’t I do this every week?

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I’m getting into the habit of it at least. I’ve been out three Tuesdays in a row. That’s more than none.

& I finally have a new phone that actually takes pictures, so I um. Took. A LOT.

So there will be three posts about this particular trip to the woods! This one is about: the woods!

They’ve been thinning them where I chose to park, probably to make more room for meadows for the cows, which appear to have taken the place of buffalo in this ecosystem. (Cows appear later.)

It makes for nice terrain for the cats, at least, who enjoyed hopping over tree trunks, & perching on the taller ones.

A patch of woods. The ground is covered in a tangle of cut trees laying every-which-way.

I took a good long walk. Both boys followed me the whole way, which was fairly impressive — cats are NOT built for endurance, & we probably walked a mile or so. We took our sweet time, of course, & by ‘we’ I mean they did, & I stopped pretty often to let them catch up.

This little grove of young ponderosa pines caught my eye. They’re all just about the same age, & they line up pretty neatly into lines, & I don’t know why the rangers felt the need to plant a grove in that particular spot, but apparently it hadda happen.

I would like to put my house right in the middle of them.

From across another meadow, a grove of evergreens, all about the same size, & smaller than the ones around them.

Bones of long-dead creatures. For Adhemar, as always.

A spindly, pale fallen tree, heavily weathered & mostly buried in the ground.

The sky was AMAZING. Such a deep blue, & then the clouds rolled in, & I didn’t get any pictures of that part, but that was amazing too.

The tops of a couple of evergreens, & above them, beautiful deep blue sky, dotted with perfect puffy white clouds.

& then there were cows!

Two black cows, one big, one small, both staring at the van with deep suspicion.

I only got anywhere near them because I was in the van at the time. Also, Thoreau traffic jam:

A dirt road with like five black cows standing in the middle of it. They had Opinions about it all.

They got out of my way, but they were NOT happy about it.

More later!

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