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Last time I got the mail I carried back three boards, so I knew I had enough to finish the back wall today. I put nothing else on my schedule for today, nothing to distract me from getting it all done. & it worked!

Above, the right side, done to the bottom of the arch, with the traditional piece turned 90 degrees to fill in the last gap.

Below, the left side of the wall. That’s about when I needed a break, to refill water, sit for a bit, & recharge batteries. Using the flap wheel really eats through them. Totally worth it, though.

The other side of the wall - it's finished almost to the top, but it needs another board or two. A strip of blue denim insulation shows above the top board.

Recharged in body & tool, I set forth again to get the last of it. Et voila!

The top left part of the wall. It's done all the way up now, & the top board is a couple separate pieces.

Plus the part right over the window, which I’d forgotten until everything else was done. This wood is SO pretty, & I picked some extra-nice bits for this part.

The narrow section above the big back window & below the arched part of the wall is also done, using wood that's extra-knotty & cool lookin.

I even have a board left over! I think I might use more from the same place for the back sections of both side walls, too. They’re relatively small, there are plenty of the boards left, & that section will be the enclosure for the bed, anyways. More weight towards the back isn’t a bad thing — given that that’s actually the front when it comes time to tow.

This section of the side wall is framed by two upright 2x4s, set three feet apart. Between them is currently just white Tyvek housewrap.

The ground right below where I’ve been cutting things. At least I’ll have plenty of firewood this winter?

A pretty good-sized pile of cutoffs. Don't try standing on it. Ask me how I know.

Next up, working on the back window, painting the bottom of the door, & sealing up the side door so water stays outside.

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