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ham? ham? ham? ham? ham?

I walked into the kitchen & immediately realized that Inoru was making food that involved ham. I realized it in this manner:

Loiosh, an orange tabby, is standing up on his hindlegs, forepaws braced against the cabinet, looking pleadingly up in the direction of what one must assume is ham.

See, Loiosh really loves ham. & for most of his life, I never had ham in the house, because Chocolate was allergic, & even if I did I didn’t give any to the cats, so he only got it at SCA events, which made it a special treat, & well … you know how THAT goes.

Anyway Inoru had a ham sandwich & it went like this.

A ham rests on a small wooden table. So does one of Loiosh's forepaws. He's staring pointedly at the ham.

& like this.

Now he's staring pointedly at the camera. Very. Pointedly.

& eventually, like this.

Inoru is holding the ham sandwich. Good thing, cos Loiosh is taking a swing at it.

(He missed, but they gave him a piece anyway, because they are kind.)

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