ham? ham? ham? ham? ham?


I walked into the kitchen & immediately realized that Inoru was making food that involved ham. I realized it in this manner.

See, Loiosh really loves ham. & for most of his life, I never had ham in the house, because Chocolate was allergic, & even if I did I didn’t give any to the cats, so he only got it at SCA events, which made it a special treat, & well … you know how THAT goes.

Anyway Inoru had a ham sandwich & it went like this.

A ham rests on a small wooden table. So does one of Loiosh's forepaws. He's staring pointedly at the ham.

& like this.

Now he's staring pointedly at the camera. Very. Pointedly.

& eventually, like this.

Inoru is holding the ham sandwich. Good thing, cos Loiosh is taking a swing at it.

(He missed, but they gave him a piece anyway, because they are kind.)

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