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What with one thing & another I am … slightly behind on posting. But my new phone has an excellent camera & a sturdy case so I went outside & took some pictures of what I’ve been working on the last couple weeks.

Above, the cabinet! Looking MUCH more interesting with a couple coats of paint & hardware that’s not boring. I’m glad I cut some of the backing stuff out, cos now it shows off the pallet wood wall behind the cabinet when it’s open.

I still might paint the inside something other than white, but we’ll see. Probably the same pale lavender as the inside of the door, if I do.

The cabinet, standing open: as described above.

The front door! Both sides are painted, along with one edge, & it’ll be ready to go back into place in a couple more days. Which will be nice, because right now all that’s securing Tyrava is a beat-up interior door leaned against the doorframe.

Tyrava's front door is leaning against the side wall, with its arched top pointing to the left. The side facing the camera has been painted pale lavender, & the edge, facing up, a dark purple.

& the back wall, almost halfway done! The bigger boards make it go a LOT faster. I need to get some closeup shots of the wood, it’s got really interesting wear & tear, & I managed to preserve the live edges on some of them. Once that’s done, that big window is next.

Wide, rough, pale-weathered boards cover Tyrava's back wall, almost up to the bottom of the huge back window.

Progress: it’s what’s for dinner!

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