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That’s a cat with a Plan.

I don’t know what the plan was, but he definitely had one.

… okay the plan was obviously Flopping.

Tom's flopped on his side. The ground is covered in pine needles & cut branshes, & he's laying on one of the branches, because apparently that's comfortable.

… what?

& now he's staring straight into the camera, like he's on The Office.

I don’t know what Loiosh was looking at, but he took off after it just after I got this picture.

Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is _almost_ sitting down, with his butt not _quite_ touching the ground, & staring intently off to the right.

We went for a nice long walk. Well, I thought it was nice. Loiosh & Tom were WIPED OUT.

Tom's flopped again, this time leaning against a tree. He's made for sprinting, not walking really far!

I managed to hit myself in the face with a tree.

It's a selfie! I've got a small scab on my forehead & a resigned smile on my lips.

Having exhausted ourselves (& by ‘ourselves’ I mean ‘the boys’, cats are NOT built for endurance), we sat for a good while. I got some sewing done.

Two pieces of fabric, one a pale teal & the other white, are pinned together & laying on my lap.

Loiosh stared at invisible things again.

A close view of Loiosh's head, from the back. His ears are perked forwards.

I dug out two pendulums I made last year so I could finally get pictures of them.

Two seaglass-and-seashell pendulums hang from a water bottle sitting on a small shelf.

Eventually Loiosh decided he was hungry & started pawing at my lunch. To be fair, I usually keep his kibble in a box like that.

Loiosh is standing on the shelf, pawing at a small plastic leftovers container with a red lid. My glasses are on top of it & he's just about to knock them off.

Alas for him, his kibble was in a box … at home. I won’t be doing THAT again.

He's dragged my glasses almost off of the box. Just after taking this pic I hadda dig them out of the grass.

I got some pretty good pendulum pictures! This is not one of them.

There's a nicely focused tree in the background, but the shell & seaglass in the foreground are blurry as hell.

Eventually the boys declared that it was time to go home.

Tom is flopped in an extremely dramatic manner on the dash of the van, with his paws hanging over the edge.

It was a good day. Getting out to the woods once a week has been really good for my brainparts. Which is good, cos *gestures broadly at the world*

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