it’s nap weather

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It’s monsoon season in New Mexico, which means it’s gone from clear blue skies in the 80s & 90s to intermittent rain & a side of thunderstorms in the 60s. & as usual, the boys are spending it asleep.

Who can blame them? I’ve been napping too.

Loiosh, as usual, naps in … positions. Which are, apparently, comfortable.

Loiosh is sleeping half on his side on another soft fuzzy blanket, this one a deep blue. He's got his paw over his face.

Even Tom is learning the Art of Here Is Mah Belleh.

Tom's on his side on another blanket -- pink, this time. Both paws are tucked up to his chest.

… what?

Loiosh is laying on his side, back legs stretched out towards the camera. His front paws are crossed over his chest & he's glaring at the camera.

To be fair, I did wake him up.

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