between the rain

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Painted the other long edge of the front door. This is the kind of texture I’m talking about — gotta get all those lil holes filled.

The rest of today I worked on the back wall, in between rain showers. The monsoon is finally here — I hope?

Here’s one of the two boards I acquired on the way from the mailbox last night. I’m pulling them from a sort of partial enclosure on an otherwise empty chunk of land. It’s right next to the road, which is nice. & it’s such pretty wood.

A rough wooden board lays on a table outside, with a folding ruler atop it. Th eboard is about a foot wide & several feet long; most of it is weathered to dark brough, but there's a pale streak down the middle, & a knot on the left side that's also pale.

This is what it looks like once I’ve sanded it down — there’s still a lot of interesting texture left. I’m leaving some of the tapered edges there, too, as long as the boards still fit together reasonably well.

A closeup of where three boards come together on the back wall. All three are sanded smooth, to a pale grey, with shallow cracks following the grain of the wood.

Here’s a nice little knothole. I’ll have to fill it in with something eventually. I have some ideas.

The knothole is rough & kind of oblong in shape; the wood grain parts around it like a river around a rock.

The one thing I’d do differently, & will, on my next build, is make the framing actually sixteen inches on center, as is standard. Not so much for the extra strength — although that’s rarely a bad idea — but because that way the insulation will fit without me having to squidge in little strips to make it the right width.

Mottled blue insulations peeks out from behind a board on the back wall. It's made from old blue jeans, shredded & pressed together into two-inch-thick sheets. There's a bit of a gap between the wider piece & the narrower one.

I mean it works, but it’s a pain in the butt, & I really should squidge another narrow strip in there to fill the gap properly, which I’m probably not going to because, well. Pain in the butt.

But I got the board below the window cut & put in place — which was annoying, cos the boards below it are different heights — & one board next to the window on each side.

The wall is about two thirds done -- four more short lengths of foot-wide board would do the job, two on each side of the big back window. It's getting there!

& that’s it for the day, because I’m out of boards, & it’s raining again. Good & hard — here’s hoping it is the monsoon.

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