SPOON: more insulation, more roadtrip

[ A big grey van, parked inside a Lowe’s lumberyard; there’s a sign that says ‘Pro Parking’ just to her left, and behind her are shelves filled with insulation. ]

My insulation finally came in! Bet it’s one of those stacks behind the van! Right? Right?

AHAHAHAHAHA no, they hadda look for it for, like, twenty minutes.

I didn’t mind, I’d brought Loiosh, so we explored the lumberyard — they have one of those AWESOME DRIVETHROUGH lumberyards — until they found it. Well, for a bit, anyways, it was kinda chilly, even though it was technically inside, so Loiosh climbed back in the van to warm up & I climbed back in to share the picture of the van all over Discord.

I mean, apparently buying a thousand bucks’ worth of insulation makes one a pro? I guess? (A couple gnomes noted that I hadda be careful about this whole ‘pro’ thing, might disqualify me for the contractor olympics, which, tbh, I’d rather skip anyways, I got shit to do.)


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a black step-in harness, stands precariously on a pile of stuff that’s been stacked on the box between the van’s front seats. He’s kinda blurry. ]

EVENTUALLY they found it (it had been tucked into A Place) & then we shoved twelve BIG bags of insulation into the van! It barely fit! More-or-less! But all the doors closed, which is the important part.

Loiosh was, of course, curious.


[ He’s standing on the box again, this time facing the back of the van; in front of him are a couple red plastic bags of insulation. He’s blurry again. ]

& then we drove home! But not before acquiring a large pizza & a really big thing of hot chocolate, because yeah, I hadda drive like three more hours.

How much insulation is that? A Lot:


[ The view in the side door of the van. Sunlight shines on everything; the picture was obviously taken the next day. The van is EXTREMELY full. A lot. ]

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