SPOON: a room of one’s own

20221217 171656

[ A double bed, piled with blankets, sits in the corner of a room. The wall next to it is slanted, and bare to the outside sheathing of plywood. The wall behind it at least has insulation. Next to it is a set of shelves filled with boxes of soap. ]

When we finally got the place to the point of being able to start the fire & move in, we moved in REAL FAST. It was getting dark, it was getting cold, we just wanted to be WARM.

… there was still a stack of insulation in the corner for at least three days. It was kinda messy.

But we got ourselves in, & we got ourselves settled, & we started moving busuiness stuff in because the BIG SALE was coming, & that took up a BUNCH of the first floor, but that was fine, CJ was good with being upstairs, & none of us had the energy to haul anything heavy up there.

It worked for a little while.

But even after I made room for a table to use as a desk, it didn’t work WELL. Problem was I had to fold all my blankets & my bed to get to the desk, & some days I just didn’t WANT to, & on the days I didn’t fold up my bed, I tended to forget my morning meds … which includes my brain meds.

Pretty much what was happening was that, without my Things in their Places, I could do the Stuff right. I did okay all summer in Tyrava, because I have a decent setup there & had used it before, but the new setup was just. Not WORKING.

So me & Jasper & CJ went over to the storage place & got out what I’d need to set myself up properly upstairs, & a couple days later we lifted a couple pieces of floor plywood & passed stuff up through the floor joists, & then we put the plywood back in place & I got my desk set up, & made room to lay my mattress down on the floor, & had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in over a year, on MY MATTRESS, that is PROPERLY SQUISHY.

… yes, I DID get my desk set up before the bed, have you MET me.

Witness my desk:


[ My desk, a large hunking solid wood thing, tucked into a corner that looks just like the one my bed’s in. There’s a cat bed on the back corner, with Sigdis curled up in it. Loiosh is standing next to the bed, eyes shining in the light of the flash. He is very angry and wants his bed back. ]

It is. It’s SO good. My desk is my command center & I simply can’t function right without it — yes, I’ve spent the last YEAR & some without my desk. The one at the cabin over the winter was okay, but not right; & since we got to the land, it’s been one terrible makeshift after another. Tension I’d stopped noticing, that I’d gotten under to over the last MORE THAN A YEAR, is gone. I’m accomplishing things. I’m sitting in comfort, reading fanfic & playing games. I can’t express how GOOD it is.

… there’s still a lot of chaos to deal with, of course.


[ Another corner, this one with a tall stainless steel column running up through it; gathered around the column, and up against the slanting wall, is a large pile of boxes, cat trees, random clothing, and a lot of other crap. ]

& of course that leaves Morgyn & Jasper & CJ all squeezed together downstairs, but with the business up here they have more room than we did when I was down there & CJ was up here. The business takes up at least as much space as any two of us. There’s a lot of room for improvement down there, too, & once we have a warmer day or two we’ll get some shelves knocked together so everyone has more storage.

Little by little!

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