SPOON: a screen door!

2023 07 07 20.01.24

[ It is, indeed, a screen door, visibly built from pallet wood; the bottom half is solid wood, while the top half is screened. It’s been installed in the doorframe in the cargo container. ]

SO glad I got this done for Morgyn & CJ. Between this & the wall I built to go where the big doors open (about which more later), they have DELIGHTFUL amounts of airflow, & a fair amount of light, while also keeping the cats inside.

Sigdis is Just Fine with this. Oh, I’m sure she’d slip outside if she had the chance, & have a lovely time wandering, but she is also perfectly happy to not do so. Sigdis is not a complicated cat, & there are definitely days I envy that.

Marisol is the ANGRIEST. Note that she was ALSO the angriest about having to be on a leash any time the doors were open. She wants to be OUT. SIDE. Which I feel would be a reasonable ask if she did not, upon gaining access to the outside, IMMEDIATELY attempt to see how far she could get before Morgyn LOST THEIR SHIT ABOUT IT.

… & that, my friends, is why there are TWO layers of screening on this screen door.

2023-07-07 20.01.43

[ A pretty close view of some screening. One layer is your usual aluminum window screen, though it’s way more wrinkly than usual. The other, further away, is quarter inch hardware cloth. ]

Quarter inch GALVANIZED STEEL hardware cloth. You need STURDY wire cutters to get through this stuff; my jewelry wire cutters won’t go through it, & more importantly, neither will cat claws.

Marisol has, of course, spent a notable amount of time hanging from the screen, with no visible effects whatsoever. Except to her temper.

Of course, in my all-fired hurry to get the thing DONE, it’s not painted. Heck, it’s not even SANDED. That’ll happen over the winter. Probably. I hope.

In the meantime, it’s got spots like this.

2023-07-07 20.01.53

[ A close view of a couple of pallet boards. A single screw head is visible. So is a nice splintery gouge along the edge of one of the boards. ]

Don’t grab the door there until I get that sanded out, okay?

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