short takes: a wall

2024 01 12 16.47.05

[ A view of the corner of my room; one wall is vertical, the other slants in as it goes up, following the roof line. Three pieces of plywood, each painted medium lavender, cover part of the slanted wall. Much of the rest of the photo is taken up by the mess that is my room. ]


I can lay in bed & look across the room at A WALL. That is PAINTED A PRETTY COLOR. Instead of plain OSB, or insulation. This is INCREDIBLY pleasing to me.

I mean I’m ALSO all about covering that fecking insulation, DO NOT WANT, I am SO tired of random hunks of it showing up basically everywhere, because the cats have pulled some off or just because of entropy. It’s also blocking a few tiny drafts, which is very good.

But mostly it LOOKS NICE & it’s a very good reminder that even though I’m poor AF I deserve nice things.

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