SPOON: a wall!

2023 10 07 16.19.26

[ A corner of the first floor of the house. It’s kind of a mess. Remy’s crate takes up a lot of the shot & there’s a bunch of stuff piled on it. The corner behind it is empty of furniture, but there’s a bucket of firewood, and most of the walls are either bare insulation or cardboard over insulation. One section of the wall, though, is now covered by a full sheet of plywood that’s been painted a lovely medium teal. ]

We are, and have been, kinda struggling here. I burnt out HARD last year around this time, pushing to get the house done enough that we had somewhere WARM to live, & then I couldn’t rest over the winter, between giftmas, trying to get stock made, chopping wood, & just surviving. I wound up in no shape to build over the summer, except for a few bits here & there to make life a little more bearable, & round about August I spent most of three weeks in bed.

But! Rest, it turns out, can, eventually, cause one to be rested. & over the last month or so I’ve been cautiously (& sometimes not-so-cautiously) starting to DO things again. & this is probably the most visibly pleasing result.

It’s not much. It’s OSB plywood, the cheap & rough stuff, & that’s pretty visible when you look at it. There’s a LOT more wall to cover. & there’s a lot of OTHER things that need to get done.

But it’s a step. & not just a practical one — yes, covering the insulation is good, it’ll reduce drafts, all that happy stuff. But we could have stuck up a sheet of plain plywood for that. What’s really important to me is that we had the time, energy, & money to make it PRETTY.

It’s a good reminder that it isn’t just about struggling to survive. We can build something here that’s not just a place to live, it’s a place to THRIVE. We can build something beautiful.

What are you working on that’s practical AND beautiful?

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