short takes: finally, enough firewood

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[ A pile of firewood, cut and chopped to the right size to fit in a standard wood stove, sits out in the front yard. Judging by the van behind it, it’s over six feet tall. There’s … there’s a lot of firewood there, is what I’m saying. ]

Much like last year, we’ve been working hard to keep up with the demands of staying warm. Unlike last year, we’re running two wood stoves. The up side is that we have decent insulation now, & with that, we’re running both stoves using barely more wood than we did last year, with one.

Down side? We didn’t manage to scavenge NEAR as much wood as we did last summer.

Up side? CJ passed his pharmacy tech test, got certified, & most importantly for the issue at hand, got a raise.

Which we immediately spent on firewood. Which, this year, came ALREADY CHOPPED.

Y’all who’ve done this? YOU GET IT.

This is two cords, which is gonna last us a WHILE. & when they’re gone? There’s more where they came from.


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