spoon: whence a ladder

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[ The side of my house. The second floor window has not yet been boarded shut. A metal ladder sticks out of it by about a foot. ]

Remember that ladder? The one I left upstairs because I needed it to get up on the roof so I could put up the last of the plywood? There’s a thing I forgot to tell you: I left it upstairs because I needed it to get up on the roof, but also, because there wasn’t room to get it down through the one hole in the floor that has the ship’s ladder in it.

So how to get it out?


[ The ladder’s up on its side, maybe a foot and a half out now. ]

My roommates all wanted me to do things like ‘hand it to me out the window’ & ‘are you SURE it won’t fit down the stairs’, but I was undeterred.

[ The ladder’s at an angle now, and my face is just visible above it. ]

‘No, no, I’m gonna do it,’ I said. ‘Oh hey CJ, can you take pictures?’

Reluctantly, he took the camera and picked a spot. I waved him a bit further away.

[ There’s the side of my house, with the second floor window. There’s my hands, just visible in the window, caught just after the chucking. And silhouetted against the sky, nearly horizontal, actually higher than the window, flying gracefully through that blue Colorado sky, is the ladder. ]


I did it.

I yote the ladder.

oh come ON. was there any reality in which I would NOT have not only thrown the ladder out the window, but gotten someone to take pictures of it.

anyway it survived AND didn’t even hit CJ

[ The ladder’s laying on the ground. It’s just fine. ]

See? It’s just fine.

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