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loot, also: treasure


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is standing on my bed, squinting up at the camera. Spread out on the bed in front of him is a pile of stuff — bags of beads, shells, stickers, a bag of cat treats, & more beads. ]

It was a good mail day, but I’m not sure Tom agrees.

But LOOK at all the Stuff I got! Presents from two different friends! Not even for my birthday, but just in time anyways. Continue reading loot, also: treasure

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small beauties & a warm day


[ A view from a height, over a broad plain covered in low brown grass. The lake peeks out from behind a bit of a hill to the right, & beyond it are higher rolling hills capped with sparse evergreens. ]

I haven’t been able to get the boys out very often, between the Giftmas rush & the cold, but last Wednesday it got up into the 60s, & I stuffed the lot of us into the van & headed for the lake. Continue reading small beauties & a warm day

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small beauties

[ The edge of the lake; the shore is made up of small rocks. The water is in motion, each wrinkle on the surface highlighted in the sunlight. ]

The sound of the wavelets running up onto the pebbled beach was SO relaxing. I love the sound of water & I haven’t been able to spend near as much time as I’d like where I can hear it. I’ll be going down to the lake as long as the weather allows. Continue reading small beauties