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process: product photography

[ A pair of bunny footprints, right next to each other in the snow. ]

Product photography inevitably winds up including ‘random cool thing I saw while I was outside with a camera’ photography, because of course it does. Bunny prints!

But then I got down to business. One of the things I gotta think about with product photography is finding a good spot from which I can take pictures like this: Continue reading process: product photography

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small beauties: colors & lights


[ Looking up through the branches of a tall ponderosa pine; the sun glints through the needles, lighting the branches and trunk from above. ]

I got so many good pictures that last Woods Day, & it’s a good thing, because I’ve barely had a chance to get out into the woods since. Y’all have been keeping me busy!

I’m hoping to get out again over the Christmas break, though, so there’ll be plenty more good pictures to come. In the meantime … Continue reading small beauties: colors & lights

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small beauties: my own back yard edition

This is a really nice place to spend the winter; I’m really enjoying it here. A yard full of Ponderosas, the mountains rising in the distance, & above it all, that deep blue Colorado sky.

Not that I got any pictures of the sky, it was all tiny stuff on the ground.


[ A close view of a bit of half-buried root; the wood grain curls in waves like the sea in stormy weather. ] Continue reading small beauties: my own back yard edition

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small beauties: Antero Reservoir edition

… at least the first two are; the others are DEFINITIVELY large, but, well.

Look at this lil dude! So brave! I suspect they get fed by campers a lot.


[ A small thirteen-striped ground squirrel, perhaps three inches long not counting his tail, is crouched on dry grass, looking up at the camera. ]

… to be fair, I’d dropped a cheese ball or two earlier.

Look, they just really like cheese balls.


[ The same lil dude is up on his hind legs, nibbling on something small and black that’s held between his front paws and is not a cheese ball. His tail is laid out behind him in a gentle curl. ]

The sunsets were AMAZING. I wish I’d had the energy to climb up on the van or something so I could get pics without RVs in the way, but after the chaos of moving out without a place to move INTO, we were all too exhausted for that kind of shenanigans.

… tbh we’re STILL to exhausted for that kind of shenanigans. But anyway.


[ Sunset over the lake. A narrow sliver of lake is visible along the center of the photo; below it are the silhouettes of RVs, and above it rise the mountains. The sunset glows orange along the horizon, fading to pale and then into blue at the top of the photo. ]

Can you see the crescent moon? Have another view:


[ The view is a bit closer, the colours are a bit brighter, and the crescent moon is just barely visible in the upper left corner. ]

It did this EVERY NIGHT. We stayed at Antero Reservoir for a week, and had a lovely time.