small beauties: a gnome home!

[ Nestled into a leaf-covered bank under a tree is a gnome home. It’s made from brick, with an arch-topped door in the center and a window to each side. The roof is a gentle arch. In the fenced front yard is a wood pile and a few potted plants. ]

I found this gnome home to be ENTIRELY delightful, & I envy whatever gnome is lucky enough to live there.

… hell, I’d move in myself, if I thought I’d fit.

2023-04-14 16.01.05

[ A closer view of the left side of the house. The window is shaped like a hexagon. There’s a small stack of firewood next to the house, and a broad chopping log just inside the fence. ]

With the excellent insulation from being mostly underground, you don’t need NEAR as much firewood. They’ve still got some left from over the winter! I feel like their chopping log is a bit tall, but perhaps they have a stepladder to help them stand at the right height to use it. & there’s certainly no shortage of wood in the area; they can get more with just a bit of wandering.

2023-04-14 16.01.13

[ The right side of the house. The window is roughly square, but with rounded corners. There’s a pale blue plant pot sitting on the ground near the house with what looks like a couple different plants in it, given the different shades of green, and another pot sitting on a table just behind the fence, black at the top and yellow at the bottom, with white flowers. Purple lichens are growing out of a crack in the house wall. ]

& such a lovely garden! With tree roots no doubt growing all through the ground, doing a container garden does, I think, make a lot of sense. Though it also makes it clear how much labor went into excavating for the house itself! I wonder how far into the bank they dug. Whoever lives there, they’ve definitely put a lot of work into making this snug & comfortable home.

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