municipal & accidental art

2024 01 30 10.58.32

[ A short bit of concrete wall and a post, sitting on the left side of the entrance to a pedestrian bridge; both have been painted with a star quilt pattern in blue and white, with red highlights. Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness and trailing a green leash, is sniffing at the base of the post. ]

I was SO pleased to see this as we wandered the park; municipal art makes me happy, and especially stuff like this, in bright colors, designed by a pair of local artists & painted by local volunteers. Here’s the other side:

2024 01 30 10.58.44

[ The wall and pillar on the right side of the bridge is painted with a grid of small quilt squares in blue, white, gold, and red, many with patterns painted on in contrasting colors. ]

It’s cheerful & I love it.

Loiosh, of course, would have a hard time caring less about art, & simply buggered off towards the other side of the bridge.

2024 01 30 10.58.46

[ The pedestrian bridge is paved in smooth concrete; the pillars on each side are just visible at the sides of the shot. Loiosh is walking down the left side of the bridge, right up against the metal railing, leash trailing behind him. ]

He went all the way across & then wanted to wander the steep slope down towards the river, which I prevented him from doing, because ONE of us knows not to walk on a possibly-frozen river & it ain’t him.

Then there were leaves.

2024 01 30 12.46.54

[ My grey leggings, from about the knee down. They’re slightly covered in fragments of pale brown autumn leaves. ]

Is it art? I mean, probably not, but look, headlines are hard.

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