short takes: creek glass!

2023 10 31 15.10.08

[ The inside of a Dunkins Munchkin box, empty of donut holes. Instead it holds a bunch of creek glass in various colors, mostly white and green, but there’s also a blue and a pale purple. And some rocks ]

I don’t think anyone’s been mudlarking along Fountain Creek, cos I spent at least as much time wrangling Remy as I did actually looking for stuff, & I still found this much in maybe half an hour. I hadn’t thought to bring my mudlarking backpack, which has several pouches & a sash to hold them, so I just filled my pockets. I’m surprised my phone screen didn’t get scratched, cos I only had two pockets & one was not REMOTELY gonna be enough.

Plus, blue. & a relatively easy shape to wrap. Some great rocks in there — check out the red & white to lower left — & some pottery bits, a very good vertebra, a piece of PURPLE (rare, but I’ve found several there), & another piece that might be an even paler purple once I’ve scrubbed it.

They’re all sitting in a big jar full of water for a day or two, & then I’ll take them outside with an old toothbrush & clean them off. I’m pretty sure there’s a pair of dark green pieces close enough to make earrings out of, & I know there’s enough white for a faery home decor piece or two. I can always use more pendulums, & the blue is the perfect shape for the tip of one. I can’t wait to see what I make.

Found anything cool on the ground lately? (If not, I highly recommend mudlarking, especially if you can get to Fountain Creek …)

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