small beauties: ice crystals

2023 12 22 12.46.46

[ A spindly dead plant. Much of it is covered in tiny ice crystals, so small the overall effect is white. A single branchlet, sticking straight up, is more-or-less in focus; the crystals have built up along it such that they look like white flowers. ]

I can’t resist taking pictures of plants covered in ice or icy snow. It’s like cats in the warmy spot, I just gotta stop & take thirty-seven pictures. Every time.

But I mean come ON, even a hunk of beat-up rope looks awesome with snowy ice bits on it!

2023 12 22 12.47.06

[ A weathered yellow rope bears more of the ice growths, Many of them are in the same broadly conical flower shape, but some are more cylindrical. ]

I took SO many pictures, trying to get a few that got SOMETHING in focus; my phone camera (no, I still haven’t figured out the DSLR) insists on focusing on the furthest thing in the shot, even if I tell it to focus on the thing in the middle. (Hmm, note to self, check for macro apps for this phone …)

ANYWAY I did manage a few, at least, & I’m pretty pleased with em.

2023 12 22 12.47.24

[ A confusion of branches, some in focus, some not; but plenty of the ice flowers are crisp and clear. ]

Not like I won’t get more practice. I really can’t resist this stuff.

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