small beauties: the front range

2023 10 30 17.41.02

[ A takeout coffee cup sits in the van’s front cupholder; a bit of hot chocolate has been spilled on the lid, which also holds a round piece of mottled brown and tan candy. ]

Okay, I wouldn’t usually include a coffee cup in a small beauties post, but I hadn’t been to Ziggy’s in AGES, & also they now hand out candy with each drink & that’s KIND OF ADORABLE.

(not that I got to EAT the candy, I managed to drop & then STEP on it, but it’s the thought that counts?)

There was a tiny snowman at the park in Denver. Can’t make this shit up, I love it.

2023 10 30 17.55.05

[ Yep, that’s a tiny snowman all right. It’s sitting on a brown trash can, the kind with an arched lid to keep the rain out; it’s maybe six inches high, with arms made from sticks and eyes of tiny gravel. ]

The next day, since we had Tuesday to do as much nothing as we wanted, I hied us to Fountain Creek, where I found a bunch of creek glass & also really neat ice.

2023 10 31 11.34.53

[ Shallow water laps up against a couple smallish boulders; where the two meet, a thin layer of ice covers the water. It almost looks as though it’s in motion, frozen ripples extending out from each rock in concentric arcs. ]

That was the second spot I tried to get ice pictures, of course; Remy STEPPED in the first one, because he was VERY EXCITE.

I do love dogs, I love them SO MUCH.

Wednesday was Jasper’s appointment, but that was late in the afternoon, we had time to kill & thus found the BEST park in Colorado Springs. I wish I’d found it YEARS ago, Palmer Park has big rocks to climb & like a zillion miles of hiking. Me & Loiosh went wandering, about which more later, but for now, tiny, probably poisonous berries.

2023 11 01 11.49.03

[ A cluster of tiny, vividly red berries at the end of a twig, maybe ten of them. Another cluster is further back, out of focus. ]

Don’t recommend eating them. Pretty, though. I like the color.

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