small beauties: these tiny tomatoes, which are VERY SMALL

2024 03 16 16.59.34

[ My hand, holding a palmful of tiny round tomatoes, ranging in size from three-eights to maybe half an inch. Most are yellow; the rest are red. ]

THEY’RE SO TINY, they are seriously so small I got CUTENESS AGGRESSION FROM THEM, I ate them all in, like, three days. They’re, yanno, store tomatoes, they taste okay but not great. but they’re SO TINY.

I hope we can find seeds or seedlings for em. I want two containers of them growing in a nice spot outside, one on each side of a comfy chair. I will sit in my comfy chair, read a book, & gorge myself on freshly-grown, sunwarmed, tiny round tomatoes.

& then I will probably have acid reflux, but some things are totally worth it. NO REGRETS.

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