small beauties: spring, or at least the beginnings of it

2024 02 08 14.44.53

[ Tiny red oval berries hang in clusters from otherwise dead-looking twigs. ]

I had a bit of time to wander the parking lot while waiting for Jasper to be done with a doctor’s appointment, & I brought my phone with me, & it’s ALMOST SPRING, so I took pictures.

(I was NOT tempted to eat the berries. But they’re really pretty.)

This juniper (I think?) bush has these weird spiny needles in amongst the scale-like ones I’m used to seeing. I’m not sure what’s going on here. Maybe that’s the new growth?

2024 02 08 14.44.27

[ A close view of the needles on what is probably a juniper plant. Some are covered in basically green scales; some have short spiny leaves or needles. ]

& the promise of spring! There are buds! They are thinking about growing!

2024 02 08 14.48.45

[ Twigs and branches of a tree. Some of the smaller twigs have reddish bark and buds on the ends, which are also reddish. The bigger twigs and branches have greenish bark. ]

I’m looking forward to warmer weather & new growth. (I’m NOT looking forward to more wind, but here we are.)

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