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The latches finally showed up, & they worked even better than I’d hoped. LOOK at that. & it holds the shutter closed without the slightest wiggle. I am VERY pleased.

So this window is done! It’s not, really, I still need to add the decorative painting bits & make the frame for the lucite & clearcoat basically everything BUT. It opens, & more importantly, it closes. & it looks AWESOME! I’ll take it.

The latch is fastened to the lower right corner of the shutter. It matches the hinges, & looks pretty good.

I also got a LOT of work done on the soap shelves! Check it out: two uprights holding two shelves. (I’ve got the rest of the shelves done too, but I only needed to put two of em in place for proof of concept.)

The two sides are built like ladders, with two vertical boards held together by small horizontal ones. They stand, facing each other, one propped up against Tyrava's side, with a shelf resting on the top two rungs, & another on the bottom two.

I hauled them all inside to paint them — it’s monsoon season, so having indoor projects is an EXCELLENT idea — & used the last fence post on the floor. I like how it’s gonna look!

Four rows of boards have been fastened to the floor inside Tyrava's front door, each stretching across the width of the floor. They're different widths & different shades of brown.

It’s also gonna take forEVer! Yay! *really dramatic flop*

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